Solemnly Bear: MasterCard Priceless Chicago Presents The Cubs Pledge

To mark the launch of Priceless Chicago events and deals, MasterCard Priceless is rolling out the Cubs Pledge. No, not a secret baby-bear pact to steal the picnic baskets of couples who are being way too openly romantic, but the forum at which you -- the fans -- may offer up what you’ll do at any point this season to show your support for the team. Pledging earns you a chance to win tickets, and proving your pledge could get you a slew of Priceless experiences. Want in? Here’s how it works

Step 1:Pledge on Facebook what you’ll do for the team for a shot at winning Cubs tickets -- you can get as creative as you want, as long as it's legal (in this country)

Step 2: Prove that you fulfilled your promise by FB-posting a pic, and you'll snag a shot at the Priceless sweeps -- finally, showing the world your elaborate lower back tattoo could earn you more than your grandmother's disapproval.

Step 3: Revel in the spoils of victory, which could include (1) batting practice at home plate, (2) baseball 101 with a Cubs coach, (3) photo ops with the team, and much, much more

No matter what, be sure to sign up for the very best Chi-Town deals with MasterCard Priceless Chicago. Now, go and support your team in strange and beautiful ways.