Bacardi+ Presents: The Girl Talk Town Takeover

Want Girl Talk to play a concert for you and 200 of your closest friends? Then quit gossiping about other peoples' relationships and enter the Girl Talk Town Takeover contest, presented by Bacardi+.Simply "Like" the rum-rockers on Facebook, then follow the directions to enter the Takeover contest, which'll have Girl Talk coming to one lucky grand prize earner's hometown for a full-on show in front of their friends, family, and favorite convenience store clerks. A slew of other prizes will be doled out as well, like a home outdoor theater system, music festival tickets, and access to VIP events.Like Bacardi+ on Facebook, and enter the contest -- the chance to take home this once-in-a-lifetime concert is as simple as that. If you earn the concert, just remember who told you about the contest in the first place? Because seriously, how much does your great-uncle like Girl Talk?

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