Bacardi Cocktails: A Shaker Full of Wisdom

After 150 years of starting parties, it's no surprise that Bacardi's an essential ingredient in more than a few timeless cocktails. What will surprise you is just how much you can learn from those timeless concoctions. Here's just a taste of the knowledge you'll pick up from the legendary recipes on -- click the links to follow the clues:The Cuba Libre is a classic rum & coke that originated with both Bacardi, and the spirit of international cooperation.One of the most beloved beachside refreshments was originally named for a privateer who shared a name with a rapper.Over a century old, this island favorite was literally engineered to perfection.Being a very good bartender can secure you not just tips, but also the adoration of millions, and a medal from the government.Milk might be our preferred calcium source now, but almonds once brought our bones joy (and still take the sting out of this Polynesian beverage).Silence is golden, though it can be a more reddish color if you use more grenadine.Don't go another year without seeing barware brimming with some of the greatest inventions of the past 150. Go to, and get a shaken & stirred education.