Seize the Summer: The Patrón Tequila Summerology Map

Stop sending out SOS's to the world, and navigate yourself to the fun this summer with the Patrón Tequila Summerology Map. Loaded with user-generated tips for the best in local feasting, drinking, doing + more, Patrón wants YOU to offer up your two cents, then enter to win the “Best Weekend Ever Essentials” Giveaway. In it for you: the chance to score prizes way more valuable than $.02, including things like tickets to local events, gift cards, or a suite of Patrón-picked party goods. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Join the Patrón Social Club on Patró, an online dispensary of pics, promos, cocktail recipes + more, which -- though members-only -- does not require any strange initiation rituals and/or schnazzy zip-up jackets.

Step 2: Pinpoint your three favorite local activities/venues on the Patrón Tequila Summerology Map, presumably including a place where everyone knows your name and are always glad you came.

Step 3: Enter the “Best Weekend Ever Essentials” Giveaway, where you could score tickets to local events, gift cards, Patrón party-upping merchandise + more. Then, hit the share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and Email) on your selections to up your chances of winning

Want in? Avoid getting lost in an oblivion of boredom this summer (your couch) with the Patrón Tequila Summerology Map, ‘cause you never know what prizes you’ll find along the way.