The future of virtual reality is here...if you will it

It took less than a day for the Oculus Rift virtual reality kit to raise more than half a million dollars on their Kickstarter campaign, which begs the question: just how much money can you save living in your parents' basement? Industry heavyweights including the co-founder of id Software (Doom and Quake) and the president of Valve (Portal, Half-Life...) have already lined up to extoll its virtues, which include a 110-degree field of vision and zero-lag motion sensing. Unfortunately, unless you're a serious developer, the Kickstarter rewards (i.e., early prototype kits) won't be of much use to you, but you could always pony up $5000 for a trip to Oculus's HQ... assuming you can withstand exposure to the sun/people other than mom and dad.