10 trucks, one place

Tell all your friends about the Funky Fresh Foodie Fest, then untwist your tongue, because you're going to need it at the Funky Fresh Foodie Fest

This 8hr nom nom marathon brings DC's best food trucks to the Fairgrounds to compete for the first-ever Trucky Awards (what a nice little pickup for the winner!), then mixes in craft beers/ wines/ margaritas, four live bands, and a karaoke contest. A ticket gets you

Food from the 10 trucks of your choice, which include Pepe whipping up a Butifarra Burger (Spanish sausage, garlic aioli, brava sauce), TaKorean coming in hot with a braised pork "tako" (pork cracklings, kimchi radish slaw, lime crema), and a smoky pulled pork slider from the BBQ Bus, some bros known for banging out a really quality product

Drink access one of two ways: 12 tastes, or three fullies, with options ranging from frozen margaritas & RBVs to crafts from the likes of Starr Hill (Northern Lights IPA), Old Dominion (Dominion Lager & Ale), Devils Backbone (Eight Point Ale), and Goose Island's Green Line, though that usually leads you to trouble

Entertainment comes courtesy of those four bands (the best name among them: Judo Chop), exhibits from Art Whino, top talent from the DC Karaoke Invitational competing for the championship, and, of course, the announcement of the Trucky winners in categories like "Best Secret Menu", "Best Truck Design", and "Sexiest Crew" -- just one more reason to make sure your tongue's in working order before you head over.