Haggle for Bacon: The Oscar Mayer Great American Bacon Barter Rolls On

The Great American Bacon Barter’s halfway done, and between commissioning a bacon intern on the IU Bloomington campus, and getting one very committed lover of meats to get a bacon tattoo (his name’s Kevin from Kentucky!), Josh Sankey has been living the Bacon Dream. See videos of this madness and more at BACONBARTER.com. The main thing, however: there is plenty more haggling to be done, and plenty of pig to be had, by YOU (well, potentially) ‘cause Sankey’s heading west for week two, and he’s still only allowed to pay for his many needs with bacon. Here’s a rundown of the goodness in store: Des Moines, IA on Tuesday, September 18th: Josh is feeling lonesome tonight -- help him find a dinner date with a beautiful, bacon-loving lass. Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, September 22nd: Josh’ll be looking for trouble on the Vegas strip. Any ideas? Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, September 23rd: Digitally plan a Bacon Beach Blowout by helping Josh lock down a musical act, food truck(s), decorations + more Ready to TWEET? First, head to BACONBARTER.com to get the full itinerary, where you’ll notice he’s also passing through Iowa -- because if a Bacon Barter doesn’t pass through Council Bluffs, it’s just not a Great American.