Be Originale: Mix It Up with DISARONNO®

Fax machines and films about ducks from outer space aside, some things in life do get better with age. Prime example: DISARONNO®. With a recipe that’s been perfected since 1525, this spirit from the boot of Italy is more than secure enough to mix well with whatever guests you choose to invite to your cocktail glass

Start out with something simple, like the self-explanatory DISARONNO® & Lemon or DISARONNO® & Cola, both simple preparations sure to please 10 out of 10 DISARONNO® inamoratos. Ramp up the mixology with the Godfather: ¾ part DISARONNO® and 1 ¼ parts Scotch whisky over ice, so-named not because it leaves your mouth cotton-ball-dry, but because it was the “Stellaaaa!”-yelling actor’s drink of choice (and because it's Italian and commands respect)

Find more recipes on DISARONNO®’s website -- not in development since 1525, but pretty impressive nonetheless.