Goodale sweats some sweaters

Written by Dave Infante

Bundle. Kinda sounds like bungle, doesn’t it? Or bumble. Or stumble. Or mumble. All four-letter words when it comes to projecting confidence in your appearance. And yet, the bundled look is all-too-often the result when you pick the wrong sweater to stand against November’s gusts. To navigate Autumn’s fickle skies without falling victim to the dreaded bundle bungle, you’ve got to pick your knits. Depending on how short the nights are, and where in the world you happen to be, you can get away with two or three layers until well into December, so the right sweater can be a veritable lynchpin of your Fall wardrobe. As Goodale's experts are just a quick stumble from my office, I had their lead designer pick five jumpers that minimalize bulk to stay slender despite the weather. Feast your eyes on the beautifully crafted knits you need

The V-NeckThis 50/50 super-fine alpaca/Merino offering from France's A.P.C. (for Atelier de Production et de Création, or Workshop of Creation & Production) boasts a super-soft hand, a thick ribbed v-neck & cuffs, and a banded hem. Considering your father likely owns several similar pieces in quieter grays and browns, the golden yellow colorway adds a snarl beneath a muted barn jacket, or cuts an impressive visual swath combined with a fully buttoned point collar and a down vest. // Available at A.P.C.; $250 US

The CardiganPurportedly named after the seventh Earl of Cardigan (because really, who but the English could engineer something that looks so damn good while smoking a pipe?) the button-front sweater is another piece appropriated from the clutches of our elders. The key to the cardigan is simplicity of design. Toggles, hook-and-loops, shawl collars, and duffel closures have all made their way into the cardigan's proud gene pool, but we favor an understated approach. This bottle green one from Club Monaco skips that extra material at the closure, seams, and collar, to fit nicely beneath a tweed blazer. // Available at Club Monaco; $269.50 US

The Fair IsleThe time-tested Scottish contribution is built to withstand that country's humid, slicing cold, so it's the burliest of the bunch. Even so, worn over a tailored button-down or a mock turtleneck, the Fair Isle (named for Fair Isle) can extend your fall wardobe deeper into winter without adding significant weight to the wardrobe. The offering from Japan's NN.07 dumps the ubiquitous multicolored knit patterns for a greyscale arrangement, leaving you free to class this sweater against a pair of blood-red narrow wale cords. // Available at Mr. Porter; $275 US

The Cable KnitLike pizza, and sex, there's no such thing as bad prep style. Wait... that's actually that's entirely false. Walk the cable line between Take Ivy and tool bag with a cable in a classic, subdued color. No pastels, no crests. J. Crew's cashmere cable knit in heather royal nails that balance. Play down the prep further with a contemporary blazer or pants. // Available at J. Crew; $298 US

The FishermanThe Northern tour ends in Denmark, where for centuries, fishing families developed unique knits so that if their men drowned at sea, they'd be able to identify waterlogged bodies. Tremendously morbid. Just like late autumn, when crimson leaves are in the air. This particular variety from the Great Danes at SNS Herning features a quarter-zip, banded cuffs and collar, and the durable construction that comes with almost 200 years of heritage. // Available at SNS Herning; $274 USD