This trailer will blow your mind away

Context on the preview above: a Looper is an assassin living in the present, paid by a crime organization from the future to eliminate targets sent back to the past, even if that target happens to be himself. Since this is much worse than realizing you've kissed the teenage version of your mom, it's no wonder Loopers feel compelled to live in the moment via fast cars, velvet ropes, and not reading too many Stephen Hawking books.In the spirit of the Friday, September 28th theatrical release of Looper, starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt, check out these hotspots, all suitable for flamboyantly fatalistic hit men with money in their pockets and time to kill:Some of LA's finest bartenders are behind this more relaxing form of time travel: a turn-of-the-century lounge, evoking a very steampunk Paris, where men of the gun can drink a cocktail of the sword called Le Samurai.Marked only by a foreboding lion’s head knocker, this comfortingly dark, old-London-style retreat offers something called the Death at Dusk, a drink whose implications most mob henchmen would probably rather not think about.Trouble with the law, or the exact opposite of the law? Escape to exotic pre-Fidel Havana by way of Koreatown, provided you can find the secret entrance.Anyone afraid they might actually be dead at dusk should have their last brunch at this poolside, rooftop hideaway -- once you eat Pancake Lasagna, you know you're not long for this world regardless.Watch that trailer to see what it's like to stare death in the face and realize death is actually you. Then visit to get more info before that Friday, September 28th release.