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Watch a dude dressed like James Brown get funky behind the bar

Ever see a bartender make a drink inspired by Guns N' Roses while dressed like Axl Rose, except not wearing bicycle pants? Then you've never seen Appleton Estate Reserve's fiercely rocking Remixology competition, and should immediately watch the the video recap of the 2012 Finals above to see some of the country’s best bartenders making fearlessly inventive cocktails like you’ve never seen before

You'll see judges like legendary cocktail guru Dale DeGroff and reality TV star/hottie Jamie Chung lay down verdicts on amazing, musically inspired drinks crafted by some the nation's best 'tenders, like San Francisco's Dan Stahl (Rickhouse), Boston's Ted Kilpatrick (No. 9 Park), New York's Lubens Besse (the Mondrian Soho), and Miami's Ben Clemons, who last year named a cocktail after AC/DC's Bon Scott, and should be given a hug by every American/Australian for having done so

You will also see a guy in a pink bunny costume, because when you're working with a rum that commands this much respect, you can afford to look a little ridiculous.