RSVP for a whisky experience like no other

Scotch is for guys who choose their own path in life. These are not the types to sit around drinking whisky in an auditorium — auditoriums are where you go to learn about, say the future of aviation insurance. For scotch drinkers, life is best lived in more standout spots. Like a mansion in Bel Air, for example. At the new House of Walker, you get to go your own way, as John Walker himself would have done, inside the sleek, handsomely appointed Bellagio Road mansion in Bel Air. Normally you’d have a cactus’s chance in Edinburgh of getting inside this stunning private residence, but for five days in October Johnnie Walker is taking over the estate for a select few locals. RSVP today and you’ll get to explore the grounds at your own pace, all while hanging with your friends, taking in a round on the putting green, admiring the Warhols on the walls, and wandering from room to room sipping the best of the Johnnie Walker whisky lineup. Inside you’ll find

The Black Lounge: Here you’ll get a taste of the first and foremost Johnnie Walker whisky, Black Label. Visit the private screening room to watch a short film starring Scotsman Robert Carlyle, then get a short intro to the world of whisky, from a jovial whisky expert who will cleverly demystify the darkest of the Walker labels by serving it to you three ways.

The Blue Lounge: As luxurious as the label that is its namesake, this room's devoted to the fine art of delivering lofty toasts to success. And not that success is all about money, but maybe leave that “two bits” cheer at home

The Red Lounge: Some of LA's finest mixologists will be here showcasing the famous versatility of Red Label and proving that before you shake or stir, you should blend

The Gold Lounge: This room puts the focus on the glitz, glamour, smart innovations and rare special blends that the Walker family is known for. Whisky men, they’re always thinking … of new ways to drink whisky

Back in Black: Before you head out, head back to the Black Lounge, where you'll find some signature Black Label cocktails, access to the estate’s vast outdoor area,,some fun interactiveness (iPads and the like) and ... really comfortable chairs. Because after a while, choosing your own path can really wear you out.