Your Movember Survival Guide

In honor of Movember -- the monthly celebration of manly mustaches, all in the name of a very worthy cause -- Thrillist rounded up 10 ‘stache options for your consideration. Before you join our Movember team and start growing in some awe-inspiring facial hair, consult this visual guide for the style that’s right for you

Photo Credit: Universal Studios1. The ChevronMade Famous By: Magnum P.I.What Is It? A bushy, wide mustache that covers the top of the upper lip. This type of mustache explodes with confidence and sex appeal. There’s no better representative of a Chevron than Tom Selleck, star of Three Men and a Baby, and an indeterminate number of Friends episodes. Did You Know? The Chevron makes any movie instantly better

Photo Credit: World Wrestling2. The HorseshoeMade Famous By: Hulk HoganWhat Is It? A U-shaped track of facial hair. The horseshoe is a full mustache that also has vertical extensions from the corners of the lips all the way down to the jawline. You might know it as the “biker mustache” and it’s a favorite of tough guys like Hulk Hogan. (Note: Amateurs often confuse it with the handlebar mustache. Don’t be an amateur.)Did You Know? The whiskers grown along the side of the mouth are sometimes referred to as the “pipes”

Photo Credit: Maximum Fun3. The PencilMade Famous By: John WatersWhat Is It? A thin mustache found next to, or a little above, the lip. This style is very trim and neat and takes the form of a thin line, as if it had been drawn using a pencil (see what they did there?!). A large gap is left between the nose and the mustache.Did You Know? Despite writing a whole song about it, Jimmy Buffett does not sport a pencil mustache. Jerk

Photo Credit: Warner Home Video4. The Fu ManchuMade Famous By: ...Fu ManchuWhat Is It? A full, straight mustache that grows way past the lips and on either side of the chin -- in fact, the tapered ends of the mustache usually hang past the jawline. The difference between this guy and the horseshoe is that the Fu Manchu is grown only from the upper lip, and the sides stay clean-shaven. It also tends to make you look, on average, 45 percent creepier than normal.Did You Know? The Fu Manchu gets its name from the character of the same name, an as-stereotypically-racist-as-he-is-evil villain who starred in several books by Sax Rohmer and appeared in over 40 movies

Photo Credit: Universal Studios5. The WalrusMade Famous By: Sam ElliottWhat Is It? A big mustache whose whiskers are thick and bushy, drooping over the mouth with reckless abandon. Only attempt if your manliness thunders throughout the night air.Did You Know? Real walruses use their whiskers to sense out shellfish on dark ocean floors

Photo Credit: The Dali Museum6. The DaliMade Famous By: Salvador DaliWhat Is It? A thin mustache with narrow, long points that curve crazily upward. Hair past the corners of the mouth has to be shaved, and you’re going to need some wax for this one. Other requirements: lunacy.Did You Know? In a 2010 poll by Movember, Salvador Dali’s ‘stache was deemed the most famous, earning 24 percent of the vote

Photo Credit: Topps7. The HandlebarMade Famous By: Rollie FingersWhat Is It? A mustache whose points also curl up, though not in the same deranged Dali fashion. You can let your hair creep past the corners of your mouth, and it requires way less product with the handlebar. Named for its resemblance to -- hold onto your damn hat -- bicycle handlebars. Did You Know? You can show your pride for this style of facial hair by joining The Handlebar Club, founded in 1947 with the aim of bringing together “mustache wearers (beards being strictly prohibited) socially for sport and general conviviality”.

Photo Credit: Biography8. The Pancho VillaMade Famous By: ...Pancho VillaWhat Is It? A vaguely Fu Manchu-esque mustache, only thicker and less stringy. Pairs well with train heists and revolution.Did You Know? If we were being literal here, we’d have to call this mustache The José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, Villa’s birth name

Photo Credit: Egami Media9. The ToothbrushMade Famous By: Charlie ChaplinWhat Is It? A small but mighty mustache that takes up about an inch of space directly under your nose. You probably know it for its unfortunate association with Das Führer, but it was also big on the US silent comedy scene in the early 20th century. Rumor has it a member of either the Apatow gang or The Wiggles will bring it back early next year.Did You Know? This mustache became popular in America in the late 19th century, and later found popularity overseas. But not everyone was a fan of this import. An old NY Times headline reads, “‘Toothbrush’ Mustache: German Women Resent Its Usurpation of the "Kaiserbart", which is, admittedly, majestic

Photo Credit: Moon Costumes10. The EnglishMade Famous By: ????What Is It? A narrow mustache beginning at the middle of the upper lip, with long whiskers pulled to the side. It’s slightly curled at the ends, and anything past the corners of your mouth is usually shaved. For its impact on web culture, see Manly Man, Overly.Did You Know? No individual has ever become famous with this mustache style, but maybe it could be you. Join our team to find out

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