Learn how to score a $30 rewards card when you buy Columbia’s Omni-Heat

Like humorless Eastern European supermodels or the crispy, crunchy outer layer of fried ice cream, the contrast of being super hot and super cold can sometimes make everything way more awesome. When it comes to your winter coat, however, Columbia Sportswear knows that this isn’t the case, which is why their line of Omni-Heat Reflective gear keeps you warm enough to withstand a Minneapolis winter, without overheating

Okay, science time: Omni-Heat’s silver-dot fabric reflects body heat to keep you warm, yet breathes exceptionally well so that your body temp stays regulated. Even when combining the Men’s Baselayer Midweight Short Sleeve Top in “Grill” with the Ultrachange Parka in “Yellow Curry,” the wearer will remain comfortably warm, refreshingly dry, and -- given the items’ names -- oddly delicious as well. The best part: Spend $150 or more at either the Mall of America or Uptown Columbia Sportswear locations between November 7th and 30th, and take home a $30 rewards card to use in December

So go ahead and try Omni-Heat out. Minneapolis experiences a lot of temperature swings throughout the year -- and in effect, so does your seasonal affective disorder’d emotional state -- but your winter jacket shouldn’t.