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ALLIED: 5 Reasons to Eat at Ganso, presented by the new Heineken Star Bottle*

Back at its opening, we took you deep inside Downtown Brooklyn ramen shop, Ganso, where the “Japanese comfort food” makes it like a visit to your grandmother’s house -- if she moved to Kyoto and enrolled in culinary school after hitting her three-quarter-life crisis, because Grandma does what she wants

Now, we’re gonna go even deeper with five fresh reasons to eat at Ganso. Prepare your palate, and your mind

1. Not content with pouting around until the liquor license is approved, the owner imported ramune, a range of old-school, fruit-flavored Japanese sodas -- because hey, there’s no use crying over beer-that-hasn’t-been-spilled-because-you-can’t-legally-sell-it-yet

2. Chef Rio Irie translates nearly 20 years of wildly varied New York restaurant experience into dishes like Japanese-style Fried Chicken with Cajun seasoning. Also, he's got this crazy-awesome gruff voice that makes him sound like he was an early '90s NYC skateboarder, and has "seen things.