Find the <em>right</em> pair of glasses for your face today

As tech and digital have overtaken the planet, and glasses have evolved from a nerd badge to hip accessory, spectacled people all over the world have gradually gained confidence in wearing their glasses proudly. Do you know what can still cause anxiety? Finding that perfect pair of glasses, since picking out the wrong frames might make you look like the mild-mannered alter ego of an accountant superhero. Luckily, LensCrafters has a solution

LensCrafters presents myLook virtual mirror, technology that helps potential customers fix their faces up right. Can’t remember how you looked in the last four pairs you tried on? Problem solved: myLooks front + side-view photos of every pair you try on, presented all at once, give you a clear side-by-side-by-side comparison. Give myLook a test drive today in stores (details below), and you’ll save 30% on the eyeglasses or sunglasses you like best -- leaving you with enough paper in your wallet to order a custom “Check out my awesome new glasses!” poster to carry around all day

Someone’s got to tell you that hipster frames just aren’t your style -- it might as well be you.