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RSVP for a whisky tasting inside a TKTK

Whisky is for guys who choose their own path in life, but absolutely no guy has ever chosen a path that leads to an auditorium where a boring blowhard lectures him on whisky

Presenting a different kind of whisky experience: the new House of Walker, a self-guided tour through TKTK on TKTK. Your night will involve rooms inspired by the many labels of the Walker family, totally immersing you in the Johnnie Walker lifestyle, without dunking you in a barrel

Your brilliant itinerary

The Black Label Lounge: a private theater screening a short film, along with a chance to sample Johnnie Walker Black Label in the style of both amigos and blind mice (three ways)

The Blue Label Lounge: a room devoted to luxury, where you’ll toast to success with samples of this rare whisky poured by a host who -- much like yourself -- is very good-looking

The Red Label Lounge: sip on a cocktail crafted by one of New York's best bartenders, showcasing the versatility of Red Label, and proving that before you shake or stir, you should always blend

The Gold Label Lounge: freely peruse rare blends from the Walker archives in a room that's all about glamour, while experiencing Gold libations in highly innovative ways (read: frozen shots)

Back to Black: get the perfect send-off in the estate’s vast outdoor area, with Black Label drinks to reacquaint yourself with the world’s finest whisky and incredibly comfortable chairs to reacquaint your backside with relaxation.

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