Handcrafted wooden stuff you can use

Photo: Indian rosewood iPhone shelf ($33)

If you've ever known the shame of a college-aged cousin entering your home and remarking on the lamp or shelf that they, too, bought at Ikea, it may be time to get serious about your housewares

Allied Maker, launched in August 2012, is a wood shop that handcrafts items like skateboard decks, kitchen utensils, speaker cabinets, lamps and cable clamps out of rare and reclaimed lumber in limited -- sometimes one-and-done -- quantities.
Each week, Ryden Rizzo -- RYDEN RIZZO! Open your f***in' ears, jackass -- makes a new product and offers it for sale as a unique piece or collection based on personal whim and available materials. In fact, the items pictured here might be gone by the time you read this, but custom items are also available.
Check in at the right time and you might find something made from recently acquired pieces of the old Coney Island boardwalk. Whatever Rizzo ends up fashioning out of them, you'll no doubt immediately recognize the workmanship, fine attention to detail, and joblessness of the locals who used to drink at 9 A.M. on weekdays atop this very wood.

Cymatic Speaker: hand-bent mahogany and maple. ($2,700)

High-curl Walnut Skateboard: Walnut, Engelmann spruce, and rock maple with inlaid stripes of mahogany, flamed Maple, and Indian rosewood ($349)

Mini Rosewood Lamp: Rosewood and brass. ($59)

Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder: Walnut and rare earth magnet inlays. ($56)