These timepieces will get you flagged by the TSA for your unique style

It's hard enough getting three ounces of itch cream through airport security, so when Los Angeles art teacher Geoffrey McGann tried to pass through Oakland International Airport with a watch that looks like a movie bomb, it looked for a moment like he'd be re-routed through Guantanamo.
McGann had been traveling with these watches for six months without incident before, well, the incident, when TSA agents made a routine stop at security. But when Alameda County sheriff's intervened, that's when things got Oakland. McGann was forced to spend a couple of days in jail, post $12,000 of his $150,000 bail, and appear in court this week where prosecutors declined to pursue charges.
McGann believes the Sheriff's office overreached and may take legal action of his own, but has shared his watches with Thrillist. They're not for sale, but feel free to put them on your terror watch list!