Shirt sagging on the job? Look sharp with these clever collar-fixing doodads.

Make sloppy collars a grunge-y thing of the past (read: the early ‘90s) with Swiss Stays™, the one-size-fits-all collar fixes that’ll make even your floppiest flannel carry its weight.

The brainchild of menswear expert and entrepreneurial wunderkind, David Schottenstein, the four-in-one fit Swiss Stays™ are the first-ever adjustable-sized stays, folding and unfolding to slip inside a variety of collars, from short to medium, and long to “extra long” in ’70s-themed costume party long. And presto: your collar gets a new backbone, and all without having to tear your closet apart needle in a haystack-style, digging through variously sized stays just to find the exact one that’s needed

Stop slouching and hit up the online store to score "Buy Three Get One Free" deals + 10% off with promo code THRILLIST on these fixes, available in brass, stainless steel, or PVC. They’re an excellent alternative to upgrading your entire shirt collection, and each one can be reused approximately infinity times.