Monthly deliveries for wine geeks and their persecutors alike

For some wine drinkers, selecting a bottle is as gratifying as consuming the fine aged nectar within it. For others, shut up, nerds and gimme wine. But, whether you're an oenophile or dumpster-drinking philistine, you'll appreciate the selections made by the populist grape juice fairies at Wine Awesomeness, which don't simply end with the vintages.Each month, WA will send you three reds, whites, or a combination of the two based on your preference from small, artisanal vintners across the globe. Every bottle is accompanied by recipe and music pairing suggestions for 40 bucks a month.The objective is to expose you to new wines without being all snobby about it. It's like flash cards: drink enough of this stuff and you end up learning something. Just try to learn responsibly.