...For a chance to score a private guestlist party for you and your VIPs

Whether you a) are the kind of guy who tends to put off holiday shopping until the last second, b) are afraid to commit to a present idea because it may not be thoughtful or unique enough, or c) only like to give people things that you can enjoy, too -- hey, no shame -- Patrón Tequila's got you covered with a shot at the ultimate prize package worthy of the year's end.Just join the Patrón Social Club, take the Patrón Happiness Experiment where you'll answer a couple of questions about what kind of gift-giving & receiving patterns make you happy during the holidays, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a Patrón Cocktail Party for you, close family and friends, and anyone you sort-of-know-but-not-really-but-really-want-to-impress.The Club's also got seasonally themed cocktail recipes like the Naughty and Nice, which mixes Patrón Reposado, Patrón XO Café, and a vanilla almond milk & banana blend. Garnished with dark chocolate shavings, this is some holiday naughtiness that will not result in the customary coal-in-stocking on Christmas morning.