Stay dry even in these ho-ho-horrible situations

Nearly 30% of men don't know that stress-sweat is the main cause of body odor, or, scientifically speaking: "man-stank". To combat these underarm stress-storms, 63% of men have admitted to showering or bathing more frequently, deploying extra sprays, perfumes, or colognes, or using extra antiperspirant/deodorant. But you don't have time for that -- it's the holidays! You have gifts to give, parties to go to, in-laws to endure, and people to please (who you'd rather not). Here's just a few of the nerve-racking seasonal situations that we're thankful to be almost done with: 1. Your Secret Santa present to your office crush is greeted with "this makes me mildly uncomfortable" eyes instead of "I didn't notice you before but now I want to date you" eyes.2. Your straight-laced office holiday party's sole beverage option is virgin eggnog.3. You have to work the 25th because Santa did not include a profitable 4th Quarter in his sack of holiday joy.4. Buying a holiday gift for your significant other. 50% of men find this one of the season's most stressful activities, even more-so than finding a gift for the in-laws whose main source of stress is that their daughter is your significant other.5. Tallying up holiday expenses -- 36% of men freak out about this even more than holiday travel and staying in shape after eating, like, nine hams.6. You forgot to tip your super, and now your beloved purebred Persian has gone missing. Coincidence?7. You realize once you're already in the airport security line that you wore those "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" multi-colored toe socks. Hey, they're comfortable. And shameful.8. Your mother spins the yarn of your conception, in five acts.9. Your third cousin twice removed gets you a framed picture of you two at the beach as children, plus shells gathered from its sands glued on in the shape of the family crest you didn't even know your family had, and you didn't get him anything because he's your third cousin twice removed.10. You are the third cousin twice removed. Why doesn't Jerry appreciate your gift?!Don't sweat that stuff -- literally. Use Gillette® Clinical Strength antiperspirant/deodorant, which is specially formulated to combat even the most unwanted-moisture-inducing holiday incident. Keep your pits dry and your spirits high through these pitfalls and more, thanks to Gillette.