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Finally, a boat you can drown inside!

The ultimate way to tell any larger body of water to suck it, Hot Tub Boats' 15-foot yacht spa allows you to float tauntingly above pond, lake, or sea with five friends or creepo family in 400 gallons of temperature-controlled intemperance

Housed within a Vinylester hull and teak slatted deck is an 8' x 4' basin heated by a diesel boiler to temperatures of up to 104° F. Miraculously, beverages and seaborne carrion remain cool within the boat's FOUR built-in ice chests

Hot Tub Boat has an electric motor operated by an on-board joystick and cruises up to 5 MPH in search of the perfect spot of water over which to park more water. Also included is a two-channel waterproof stereo system through which you are contractually obligated to pump Jimmy Buffett MP3s exclusively.

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