Thrillist-exclusive access to the city's hottest club

Fitness enthusiasts and cardiovascular newbies alike: here's an exclusive opportunity from Sports Club/LA to access their Miami facility at no charge. This deal's only available to Thrillist readers and their friends, so click the share buttons above to start spreading the love/pecs/quads/delts like buttah.First up, the Complimentary 1-day Membership grants gratis access to state-of-the-art amenities and equipment, including extensive cardio & weight-training, in-house nutrition counseling, world-class locker rooms, and more perks. And because neither Rome nor Roman-statue-worthy bodies were built in a day, sign up by January 31st to score a special 2013 membership offer that includes two one-on-one Private Training sessions, a Nutrition Consultation, and more.Take full advantage of this chance to join the city’s premier fitness facility and save your funds, or knead a bunch of dollars with butter and sugar to form a fattening and impoverishing green paste. End of options. Choose wisely.