Mining eBay for the best Fab Four finds

Published On 02/25/2013 Published On 02/25/2013

Shortly before the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and witnessed the second coming of Jesus Christ, as accurately depicted above, they released their first US single, "Please Please Me", 50 years ago today. To commemorate the occasion, Thrillist dug deep into the underbelly of eBay to bring you the most fascinating Beatles finds. Which includes that painting. You won't believe how much it costs.
The Beatles iconic hairdo was one of their first traits that captured the hearts and minds of Americans. It will undoubtedly have the same results for you. Are you balding? Check out the listing.
Speaking of wigs, this game was an early gateway to the game known today as Flip Cup. Hours of fun await you!
These Beatles cups are not optimal for flipping. Make your least favorite friend drink out of Ringo!
Remember when they wouldn't let Muhammad Ali fight in Vietnam because he punched the Beatles in the face? Or something like that? Ali must have, because he signed this photo. Float like a butterfly and check it out.
These creepy Russian nesting dolls are best assembled while listening to "Back In The U.S.S.R". You don't know how lucky you are if you're the one who buys them.
Vinyl is back so 8-tracks have to be right around the corner, right? Right?! Well this dude is selling his, and his vast collection includes some Beatles. Also, some Engelbert Humperdinck. But does he have Sha Na Na?

Ringo made so many phone calls from his room at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC! This signed bill costs much more than he paid for his stay there. But how much more?
If you're in the market for signed Beatles memorabilia and you're on a budget, Pete Best is a solid choice. Best value!
If you're in the market for talc, this is a lot to pay for some talc. How much does Beatles talc go for these days?