See James Wan's <em>The Conjuring</em>, if you’ve got the guts

Murder by demonic possession. Houses completely ripped apart by unseen, malevolent forces. These were just a few of the cases famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren took on, and later felt comfortable talking about.The one they refused to discuss for decades -- the one more terrifying than “murder by demonic possession” -- has finally been made into a movie: The Conjuring, in theaters July 19. Based on the demonologist couple’s true case files, the film delves into their hellish encounter with the demented spirits tormenting a terrified family in Harrisville, a -ville that makes Amityville look legitimately full of amity.James Wan of Saw and Insidious fame directs, Vera Farmiga brings serious acting chops, Patrick Wilson (also Insidious) reenters the horror genre in a big way, and Ron Livingston makes you forget he was ever in a movie that made you laugh instead of scream. Catch the trailer above, and get ready for 112 minutes of pure, unrelenting nightmare.