A.P.C. Denim

Many things respond well to a rigorous break-in process, like fresh shoes, baseball mitts, and the sassy new office intern, who may demurely refuse at first, but eventually will be unable to resist... breaking in your baseball mitt for you. For jeans that adapt to your perfect fit, A.P.C.

Now available at NoLibs' Made to Order, A.P.C.'s Autumn/Winter denim line continues the French casualwear-maker's tradition of producing unwashed selvage denim that hits the racks remarkably stiff, but'll slowly conform to your uniquely grotesque contours over a 6-12 month wear-in process, during which they recommend daily use and zero washing, ensuring they won't ever feel out of place in your closet. Constructed from 14-oz Japanese raw indigo denim, all jeans're based on a five-pocket button-fly template w/ red contrast stitching, and're free of exterior branding save a top-button A.P.C. logo; a deep roster of cuts/fits include the New Standard, with a mid-rise waist and narrow legs that're slightly tapered at the bottom, and the roomier Rescue, whose untapered straight leg and slightly lowered rear pockets create the illusion of a baggier wide cut -- perfectly complementing the "illusion" created by your choice of Big Dogs sweatshirts. For tighter affairs, the Petit Standards mimic the New's tapered look but get a low-rise waist giving way to more snugly-fitting hip and legs, while another low-rise design featuring a more acutely narrow leg cut is called the New Cure, which you kinda balked at after Lol Tolhurst left the fray.

A.P.C.'s now also offering washed-out, pre-softened versions of the New and Petit Standards called the Pioneer. Across the board, A.P.C.s are "vanity sized", meaning the actual size is two larger than the tagged size, so a tagged 32 is really a 34 waist, giving your intern an ever higher impression of you, as she takes down her hair and begins to lustily oil your...Darren Daulton pro model.