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When things fall apart, the only move is to rebuild from the ground up, which is exactly why the Sixers signed this up-and-coming Iverson kid. Restarting with a solid foundation of culinary awesome, Apollinare

Driven into crisis by eight months of internal strife and negative press, the minds behind the Piazza's Vino pulled the plug and imported managers, sous chefs, and even a veteran pasta maker direct from Italy's Umbria region to overhaul everything from the menu to interior details, producing Apollinare, a white-tablecloth affair serving legit Italian in an atmosphere so authentic, you'll wonder where the dudes with driving shoes whistling at blonde chicks are. Starters're comprised of seven antipastis, including fontina cheese wrapped in a puff pastry w/ Reggiano black truffle fondue, and another featuring yellow & purple potatoes w/ quail eggs, cherry tomatoes & chives, while handmade pastas run from Carbonara and black truffle Carnaroli risotto, to lobster tagliolini and lasagna Bolognese, prepared according to a 100-year-old recipe kept alive by the possibility of having its b-day celebrated by Willard Scott and Smucker's. On the seafood tip, a sea-salt-crusted Branzino's served tableside, as are prawns in a Cognac flambe, while meatier options include braised wild boar, mustard-crusted chicken roulade, and a pork tenderloin accompanied by Pecorino fondue w/ poached red wine pear -- unlike the pair of red wines you poached from your parents that made the Sophomore Snow Ball the best dance EVER

Apollinare's gunning to be a happy hour destination too, offering free eats like cheese & charcuterie plates spread across the bar along with bite-sized pizza slices -- which, when you're starving and broke, are exactly the Answer.