Masthead Print Gallery

Your t-shirts may seem simple -- cloth, ink, slogan -- and yet, no matter how hard you try, your Johnson always seems to come out small. Teaching you how to really do it, Masthead Print Studio & Gallery

A local art director by day/screen print artist by night's converted a NoLibs loft into a studio/workplace/gallery to showcase the work of his fellow print artists while opening up the space to the public to: promote the process as an artistic endeavor, educate the masses on the finer details involved, and invite anyone to try their hand at it, except obviously Edward Scissorhands, and his cousin, Johnnie Pinkingshearshands. Saturday's reception kicks off with a multimedia presentation by the spokesman for NODIVISION (the three-man collective featured in the gallery's inaugural exhibit), providing brief instruction, after which attendees get to print pre-cut NODIVISION designs on materials they bring, from tees to construction paper, if you're four, and somehow resisted eating it. NOD's work'll comprise the majority of art on display, featuring a slew of prints repping local bands/gigs/venues (most available for limited-edition purchase), including a poster-within-a-poster design for last night's Mission of Burma show at the First Unitarian Church stuck to a slab of wood with a knife, and one for a recent Thermals gig at Johnny Brenda's with a reversed-handle pistol done in 3-D, which James Cameron invented just in time

Following Saturday's opening, Masthead plans to arrange weekend open house sessions where they'll provide access and guidance to visitors interested in furthering their screen printing expertise -- so even though you'll finally have that Big Johnson you always wanted, you'll somehow be no closer to actually doing it. We're talking about sex.