Radlands A/W Drop

Going above and beyond can lead you to places you never thought you'd go, although really, why were you trying so hard to avoid Buffalo Wild Wings? Those dudes have all the refs bought off! For tee makers doing way more than they're accustomed to, take a look at Radlands.Having previously rolled out a few drops of cosmically twisted skater-themed tees, Radlands is busting (halfway) out of their comfort zone, throwing down an entire fall/winter line of long-sleeved tops plus some new tees, all boasting a general outdoorsy feel, which you haven't had since that one time you slapped Schwarzkopf's butt in the woods. Warmer jobs include a thick black hoodie emblazoned with a large circular logo in a rune-ish font, a logo'd beanie, plus a pair of rugged M85 field coats (one khaki, one black) with a logo band around the left arm, a three-arrow patch on the chest, and a heap of pockets, which you shouldn't put Kevin Kolb in, or he'll never leave. Tee offerings consist of a realtree camo "Peace of S***" affair, a Prop 19-friendly number with "Drop Out of Life" in Gothic script, and Types of Rock, where different minerals are assigned labels like "Alt Rock" and "Heavy Metal", although no "Prog Metal", as that's difficult to define without the proper Tool.Further padding the line is a pair of Euro-style rucksacks that'll have you looking the part of Lara Croft a dashing world traveler, and a two-person tent perfect for late-night get-togethers, which can't compare to the ones at Buffalo Wild Wings, where the New York/Boston sports contest just went into the 16th OT.