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Tiffin Etc

Pizza's a tremendously flexible pallet that encourages experimentation, which is totally fine, as long as it was in college, and no one took pictures. Proudly painting their pizza-canvas with Indian food, Tiffin Etc

Opening today next door to the mothership resto of Tiffin's Indian eats fleet, Etc. puts a fresh twist on pizza by offering a range of traditional Northern Indian specialties as toppings on thin-crust pies available for devouring in the 16-seat storefront, boxed to go, or delivered to your door by Pathik Dempsey, if you ask for "extra curry". Available as personal pies or in 12" "large" format, signature stuff includes the Boti Kebab w/ BBQ tandoori lamb, roasted tomatoes & fresh mozzarella atop a homemade onion sauce; Murg Makhani w/ tandoori chicken, red chili flakes & fresh mozzarella over homemade tomato sauce; Saag Paneer w/ creamed spinach, ricotta & crumbled house-made cottage cheese; and the tandoori grilled vegetable/roasted garlic/cilantro mint pesto Tandoori Subzi, which you'll insist on calling Tandoori Hoagie-zi. Beyond 'za, they're also blessing your mouth with a range of traditional Indian street fare, from egg-battered flatbread Kati Rolls filled with pan-fried lamb cutlets (Shammi Kebab), minced lamb (Seekh Kebab), or fire-roasted chicken (Bhuna), to Parathas: pan-fried whole wheat flatbread stuffed with everything from chicken tikka, to tangy mashed potatoes, to cumin cauliflower -- a filling whose on-menu appeal relies heavily on extreme spacebar vigilance

To wash down the spicy slices and wraps, Etc. offers a wide range of beverages including almond-based Thandai w/ cardamom, fennel & rose; Jal Jeera cooler infused w/ cumin, lemon & black salt; smoothies spiced w/ ginger, green chilies & cumin, known as Masala Lassi, and other Indian "street drinks", which sounds exactly like the kind of libation that got you in the mood to experiment in the first place.