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The freshest suds around

Enjoying products directly from the source can be shattered by the reality of the settings, and the fact that whenever you went to Fortunoff with your mom, someone would see you there, and it would be toootally embarrassing, even though they were there with their mom too, but still. Man, school's gonna suck on Monday. Doing all they can to make their beer-source welcoming, Yards Tasting Room

Now open in the local suds-smiths' Delaware Ave digs, the Tasting Room lets you enjoy ultra-fresh brews and bites in a relaxed pub setting, with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side (offering a view of massive steel vats o' beer), a smattering of high-tops/booths, and a U-shaped bar topped with polished bowling alley planks, at which to strike out with female patrons when you're unable to save your mind from the gutter. A six-tap system pours a rotating cast of Yards, including standard-bearing Philly Pale Ale and Brawler, the just-reintroduced Olde Bartholomew Barleywine, Poor Richard's Spruce Ale, ESA (Extra Special Ale), and IPA, described as having a firm malt background w/ hops "loaded through and through", just like you after a few pints. An attached kitchen serves up a select rundown of bar bites plus comfort grub like grilled cheese on bread baked with Yards grains, along with winter-appropriate vittles including a hearty soup made with barley removed during the second stage of the brewing process and a variety of chilis (spicy or not, expect a flair-up)

The Tasting Room also offers a welcome reprieve from PA's draconian liquor laws, taking advantage of their brewers permit to sell a full range of six-packs as well as cases, sixtels, and kegs -- all of which you'll need after being spotted there with your mom. Man, work is gonna suck on Monday.