Awkward Boners

Look down at your pants. Do you have a boner? If you don't, you probably will soon. Celebrate that untamable probability, with Awkward Boners

A glorious schlong-ebration of man's ill-timed birthright, AB's the work of three childhood friends who, despite growing up and moving far away, retained their first-chub sense of wonder: NY accountant Freddie, London businessman Mr. Bone, and Toronto's The Gypsy Catcher, who formerly worked in investments "but, due to economic circumstances, changed careers and moved on to boner web sites". Poignantly titled and captioned, the photos run the gamut, from sepia-toned vintage prints (a grinning, mustachioed 1970s dweeb in painfully strained short shorts), to ex-presidents (Dubya in repose with Laura; Bubba despite being next to Hil), to wrestler Triple H shoving D-Von Dudley's head towards his curiously aroused D. Each photo's tagged for easy reference ("brazilian", "president", "Jean-Claude Van Damme", etc), plus sports a poll that lets you vote on the appropriateness of the situation, whether it's a balding teacher w/ a stiffy in his classroom ("awkward"), or a dude holding two girls on his shoulders with his face pressed into one girl's boobs ("understandable")

To join in the fun, email a photo/url to the addy listed on their site with an optional caption. And remember, the best way to avoid getting one yourself is to spend all day scouring the Internet for pictures of everybody else's.