Cannabis As Art

At art shows, there always comes a moment when you come across a particularly wacky piece, and wonder "Damn, what was that guy, high?" Well, now you've got your answer: the Cannabis as Art show

Opening on... wait for it... 4/20(!), Cannabis As Art's a collection of toke-worthy pieces covering the range of stonerdom, from flat-out munchie-ridden psychedelia to political commentary to shamanism, all curated by a guy inspired by herb's potential all-out legalization in November, which he thinks will inevitably pass, so you know he's stoned. Pieces range from paintings to sculptures to, well, pieces, with some of the more interesting work including an Elmo-like puppet that's made to look like a budding plant made by one of the mastermind musicians in GWAR, to an 8x10 sheet made of Zig Zags w/ a Renaissance-style drawing of Saturn The Nymph (obv), to an all-mahogany pipe shaped like a vagina, w/ the clitoris acting as a bowl, suggesting that it does exist. Other stoneyness includes a hand-drawn "Marijuana God" who resembles an Aztec Bob Marley; a computer-generated face composed entirely of pot leaves, and pieces from a Pittsburghian who does portraits of famous potheads made entirely out of spent roaches, but not Papa Roaches, 'cause the dude's not desperate.

The opening party costs $10 and is gonna include live music, an in-costume appearance from that GWAR guy, stuff, which leads to another pressing question: "Are you a cop?"