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A seafood behemoth in Lakeside

Only after you've got a couple well loved hits under your belt is it safe to introduce your fans to your wacky side -- after all, without "Single Ladies" and "Crazy In Love", there's no way you'd be ready for Sasha Fierce's edgy jelly. Prudently applying that strategy to the restaurant game, The Lake Chalet.The people that rocked Frisco with the beloved Beach and Park Chalets are about to drop their off-kilter, yet unmistakeably awesome follow-up -- meet the Lake Chalet, a 425-seat, multimillion dollar seafood behemoth in Lake Merritt's newly renovated/no-longer-goose-pooped boathouse. The seriously classed-up premises are awash in painted blue wood, blackened steel, mahogany, etc, and're made up of several distinct dining zones including two fireplaced private eating rooms, an 80-foot marble bar that looks out at the lake, and a dockside patio that'll "afford great opportunities to bird watch", giving an altogether new meaning to scoping out the "Oak Tits". Cali-style grub starts with English pea n' ham hock soup (w/ crispy brussell sprouts/creme fraiche) and crab cakes with popcorn puree, before ramping up to include BBQ baby back ribs, Liberty Farms duck breast w/ roast figs, and ahi in sweet onion gravy w/ mustard greens and beech mushrooms, which make the waves look craaazzyy!Liquid-wise they're featuring all sorts of classic and signature cocktails, plus a modest selection of suds, including a Lake Chalet specialty beer -- and though the density of the beer's head is unknown, we can confidently say the body's too brewtilicious for you, babe.