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Layover Bar

San Francisco

Combining disparate things can produce sweet results, as evidenced by peanut butter and bacon, and Austria-Hungary, which will reign dominant... for all eternity! Finally doing the same for booze and flea markets, Layover Bar.

Bar meets bazaar at Layover, a bohemian chic Oaktown watering hole where all the meticulously selected furnishings are for sale, brought to you by a big squad that includes a Rye/Foreign Cinema barman, a pair of green builders, and a music producer called Prozack, who's just a pro, named Zack, so stop trying to bring him down, OK? Pass an entry-way banquette (upholstered with vintage curtains), and take one of fifteen stools at the reclaimed wood bar lit by gilded chain-hung lamps, or proceed to the rear lounge that's adorned with un-grubby shag couches and a stage for local bands and djs, including Prozack himself, as long as he's taking his meds...OMG...where's Prozack?! It was your turn to watch him! Sauce-wise, there're 11 draft and bottled brews (e.g., Mirror Pond, Blue Moon, Racer 5), and a fresh list of under-ten-buck specialty cocktails, including the Whiskey Buck (with ginger beer and falernum), and the Plum Bramble -- made with plums from the green builders' garden, it might even surpass your vaunted Weed Colada.

In a month or so, Layover'll open a small art gallery next door, which'll showcase all sorts of local talent so great, it'll leave you (Austria) Hungary for more.

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