Authentic Memphis BBQ worth crossing the bridge for

Though the term may be a cliche, you really don't want to bank on something that isn't "battle-tested", like a bullet-proof vest, or worse, a non-battle-tested cliche. For the bank-ablest of East Bay barbecue, hit Tomm's Bar-B-Q and Deli.

Concepted after a Memphis joint that's sated fat Southerners for 30+ years (and has one less "m" in its name), Tomm's is a remarkably sweet spot for real-deal, sauce-slathered Q, unremarkably outfitted with a to-go counter and a few sit-down tables, and situated by West Oakland's MacArthur BART, the very train station that accepted Japan's surrender. Ribs're the pride of Tomm's (the barky, dry-rubbed beef/baby back meat that comes in half or whole slabs falls right off the bone); as are by-the-pound buckets of buttery pork shoulder, killer brisket, and notorious rib-tips, which never lead to sex, so just stop being so uptight. Sandos come on your choice of bread, and while the BBQ specialties (aforementioned and much, much more) are all on the table, there's also your average chicken salad/roast beef/etc., and your not-so-average rag bologna and pickled souse, which is head cheese, so enjoy that big helping of etc.

Tomm's also does chicken, both broasted and fried, and a bunch of desserts like banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, and Ding Dongs, which have been well-tested, given their pivotal role in the Battle of the Bulge.