You've got plenty of cool shoes for when the weather's good, but as soon as winter unzips its icy fly, it's either moon-boots, or plenty of soon-to-be-formerly-cool shoes that'll soon grace the feet of homeless men. Blending wintry warmth and style, F-Troupe shoes

With a new line just dropped at Old City's Reward Project, London-based F-Troupe crafts functional winter kicks that refuse to compromise on aesthetics, via a sensibly dapper look they call "quintessentially British...with an international appeal", like a sludge-resistant Mr. Belvedere. Leading the charge are lace-up hiking boots, including the black leather Rambler, with contrast cream-leather lining and a thick rubber outsole (also avail in chocolate w/ red lining/laces); the chocolate suede upper/red heel cup'd TC03, featuring narrowly spaced D-rings for snug lower lacing and three open-hook eyelets fanning out slightly at the ankle for more flexible support; and a pair of same-laced boots in black or tan leather, lined w/ sheepskin, bringing back wonderful memories of the seats in your stepdad's Saab. Meanwhile, chukkas run from the two-eyelet K92, with suede uppers woven in a crisscross pattern that's available in six colors; to the TC08, a lace-up w/ natural crepe-wrapped outsoles beneath wool uppers in red or purple plaid/tartan; to the TC17, featuring contrasting tan suede/chocolate leather uppers, dark green stitching, and lining made from kid leather -- or, what Kid Rock calls himself during visits to The Tool Box.

Troupe's also slinging sheepskin-lined motorcycle boots like the black, rear zip-up, fox-paw-patterned TC10, plus a black or tan leather, fur-lined hiking boot adorned with contrasted punchings/etchings on the ankle that form a falcon with outstretched wings -- ensuring that this winter, you're the one who's icy and fly.

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