Mac's Tavern

TV hangouts always make your local spots feel like a letdown; there's never any Aniston-level hot chicks in your coffee shop, no cheery Nat at your burger place, and sometimes Kirstie Alley comes to your bar. Delivering a more authentic TV-based hangout, Mac's Tavern

Mac's, loosely modeled after Always Sunny's Paddy's Pub and owned in part by Mac & Dee from the show, is a purposeful dive decked out in reclaimed wood flooring, old church and bank wainscoting topped with a drink rail, and chalkboard walls, all surrounding tables and a polished wood bar; there's also a prostitution license on the wall they say is a fake, which sucks. Starting the menu is stuff like Grandmom's Own, a soup of meatballs, escarole, egg, cheese, and chicken broth inspired by "someone's old family recipe", little dough pockets stuffed with steak, cheese, and onions, and a roster of fries portioned for sharing, including sweet potato jobs with honey-horseradish cream, plus five types of gravy fries, including some with steak, bacon, onions, mushrooms, gravy, and mozzarella titled the "Works", which you won't be able to say your heart does after eating them. Bigger plates throw nods to the show, like Sweet D's Sausage & P's (sweet sausage with sauteed bell peppers and onions), the turkey bacon/eggs/toast It's Always Sunnyside Up, plus there're sandwiches like the seasoned Roast Pork w/ baby spinach and the Seitan Sandwich: red peppers and soy-molasses-glazed seared seitan, or "mock duck" -- also those cruel Hawks' gameplan, along with intentionally injuring Adam Banks

There're four flatscreens for game watching and a dart board, and, seeing as it's a bar, they've got 17 local and craft drafts, including Yard's Pale Ale and Victory Prima Pils, plus a cooler full of 80 bottles, with hopes to eventually stock 99, in case Kirstie Alley shows up, and hasn't pre-gamed hard enough.