Food & Drink


It always pays to be thorough, as George Thorogood would tell you, although that has nothing to do with his name -- he just likes bourbon, Scotch, and beer all at once. For a healthily thorough selection of Far East specialties, hit Maru.The owner of the Comcast Center's Tokyo Sushi is expanding his horizons with Maru, an 80-seat BYO meaning "completeness" in Japanese serving everything from Korean delicacies to traditional Japanese dishes in the former Anjou, replacing the main floor's booze bar with a sushi iteration, and installing several waterfalls throughout the lower-level Fountain Lounge, where you should beware of tumbling cascades of change. Non-sushi fare runs the gamut from Japanese offerings like wasabi wings, skewers of breaded pork & scallops known as Kushi Katsu, and Negi Maki, which consists of green onions wrapped in a rib-eye, to Korean dishes from chicken, pork, or beef Bul-go-ki, to an appetizer of pancakes w/ seafood & scallions called Pa Jon -- ask him if Lil' is his son, and he'll gladly tell you "YAAAAY-YAH!". On the sushi front, "Basic Rolls" comprise standards alongside more unique options like crab/cucumber/shiitake Futo Maki and the Negi Toro w/ scallion; the still-evolving special menu offers a California roll combined w/ crunched-out tuna & eel topped w/ marinated smelt roe called the Hong Kong Dragon, and the Marble, made with yellowtail, salmon & avocado wrapped in "special seaweed"; while 20+ a la carte sashimi options include shrimp, octopus, striped bass, and fluke, which is exactly how you dismiss the Yankees' World Series win when you're bored of the whole payroll argument.Maru's also renting out the downstairs Fountain Lounge for private parties up to 50, complete w/ a dedicated chef at the private sushi bar, 'cause you know when you roll alone, you prefer to be by yourself.