If chicks are so hot for a man in a uniform like they say, then why do you always strike out at the bar post-work, when your suspenders're so full of flair they call you Nature Boy Ric? Ditch the buttons and pick up a coat from Spiewak.Founded in 1904 by a gent who went from hawking handmade sheepskin vests on a NY street corner to outfitting entire divisions of the US Armed Forces for both World Wars, Spiewak's now covering everyone from firemen to cops with coats from their uniform division, while the available-to-you fashion side's just-dropped winter line's packed with similarly rugged and weather-resistant outerwear imbued with enough style to ensure people still feel comfortable offering you drugs. The new merch features an array of double-breasted coats, notably the Thoreau, a round-collared pea coat with placket and cuffs tricked out w/ faux leather, and the poly/wool Dugan Pea coat, whose clean look's complemented by an oversized collar and intricate stitching around anchor-detail buttons, a feature shared by the more-tailored McKenzie, which sits in a crate waiting for the world to once again realize its desperate need for poolside party dogs. More utilitarian designs abound as well, from field jackets like the Carson, w/ a broken twill shell & faux fur-lined hood, to the Meade, rocking nylon-lined polyester insulation and a full snap front, to the similarly Thinsulate'd Humboldt w/ a combo zip/snap front and on the left sleeve, "organizer" pockets, leading John McCain to claim them unfit for the Presidency.Spiewak's also slingin' a slew of parkas with Hoth-hoods, from the Hudson B9, to the Waxed Snorkel, which shares a shiny outer sheen with the puffy Wolcott, which has no sleeves, leading you to declare T.G.I.Vest!