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Batali & Silverton's flagship Italian

Photo: Chou DownWhat do you get when Mario Batali & Joseph Bastianich team up with all-star baker Jeff Spicoli Nancy Silverton? Osteria Mozza, where the Italianate cooking lives up to the celeb-heavy madhouse of a scene, and the Amaro Bar will take the edge off as you impatiently wait for Christina Aguilera to give up her table...and wait...and wait.Kick your meal off like a Roman with a crabcake-sized circle of crispy pig trotter, or this classic tripe w/ tomatoes and chickpeas.Also, don't be an idiot and skip over offerings from the Mozzarella Bar, where more than a dozen home-pulled options include burrata topped w/ everything from braised artichokes to bacon, and this "burricotta" w/ honey & candied walnuts.If you're looking for next-level pastas, sauces range from lobster & sea urchin to duck live & truffle, and the raviolis are stuffed with everything from calf's brain to egg yolk that'll run onto your plate (speaking of which, you should probably work out tomorrow morning).If you aren't too stuffed by the time you reach the mains, take a shot at the duck al mattone, a "brick-cooked" bird that comes out impossibly juicy yet perfectly crisp.Photos: WishIHadAFoodPun