A gun that does the aiming for you

What do you get when you take a gun, a jet fighter, a drone, a smartphone, and a packet of DunkAroos, eat the DunkAroos, and combine everything else? Answer: TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearm, a next-generation weapon from an Austin-based company that's redefining long-distance shooting with a targeting system that helps even the most novice of shooters nail a target from up to 10 football fields away.For the approximate cost of a new, mid-sized sedan you get the all-inclusive closed loop XactSystem, which includes a Surgeon rifle (either .300 or .338 Magnum), an attached scope with a magnification of up to 35X, a cache of custom ammunition, and an iPad mini, for either checking your Facebook, or a feature we'll explain three sentences down.How it works: the shooter looks through the scope and a Big Buck Hunter-esque HUD displays stuff like range, incline, Critter Bonuses and wind, while calculating a ton of other factors, including humidity, barrel wear, and even the rotation of the Earth.Once you've zoomed in on your prey, hit the tag button and the system will place a red dot in the display that will remain locked to your target even if it's moving. Hold down the trigger, brace for a surprisingly light recoil, and move the center of the scope to intersect with your red tag dot. Once it's perfectly aligned, the gun will fire with a level of accuracy unheard of in even the most skilled of military snipers.And since there's nothing sadder than taking shots alone, the TrackingPoint action is easily shared thanks to a wifi transmitter in the scope that will stream audio and video of the HUD display to the included iPad. Oh, and the icing on the DunkAroo? It'll also store the video in the rifle for downloading later.