Leather jackets to benefit MS research

Make cures, not war -- and look strapping doing it -- by patronizing Atom Willis: a luxe concern from Teflon Don Adam Mattingly (his day job is recycling polytetrafluoroethylene), who, inspired by his sister's diagnosis, sends 10% of proceeds from his bomber-influenced, "perfect lambskin leather" jackets to the Brass Family Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.The jackets are made in a Seoul leather design house, but they're fitted at the Showroom, aka the greenhouse, aka the bedroom of partner-in-good-deeds Jojo "Vice Guy" Macias (above right).So they can be worn in warmer climates, the jackets feature underarm ventilation, as anything less would be uncivilized.Purple accents that have nothing to do with cough syrup.Should you lose your jacket, each one has a serial number, and they keep your contact info in hopes that it'll be returned/humanity will stop being jerks.They love Ron Paul's foreign policy so much they gave him a free jacket. Seriously.The Camel will look great on your back.All jackets come lined with detachable hoods and rabbit fur vests, so look forward to that chick from Rilo Kiley hitting on you. Or not. What is that song about? Who cares, you look strapping.