Make money renting your car while you travel

FlightCar's car sharing service

Like Airbnb for cars, FC's a peer-to-peer auto-sharing service from a trio of college dropouts (MIT, Harvard, and, ugh, Princeton) that lets you rent your car (and score free parking at Logan!!) while away on vacation, or on business, or at your cousin's graduation from ITT Tech

Here's how it works

Option 1: "List Your Awesome Car"After listing your ride and relevant specs on their site (it must be a 1999 or newer model w/ fewer than 150k miles -- and not worth more than $60 grand), call while en route before dropping it at their East Boston lot. After chauffeuring you to the terminal and potentially providing a goodbye hug, they'll wash your wheels and try to rent 'em. If somebody bites on your '04 Neon with a "fitful" transmission, well, consider yourself the proud winner of up to $20 a day, depending on how nice your car is. If not, well, then you just scored gratis parking (at $27 a day) for the duration of your trip to Cancun. Win. Win

Option 2: "Rent a Sweet Ride"Or... headed to the Cape this weekend and not down with Enterprise's sometimes-kind-of-over-the-top enthusiastic customer service? Understandable. Then rent the Taurus of some dude who's away in Cancun and score up to half-off what you'd pay for a standard rental. Only difference: a) you can be 18 (!!), b) they do a three-year check of your driving record, and c) you only get 90mi a day. But... they do throw in a free insurance, GPS, and 24/7 roadside assistance

Now, do you enjoy watching narrated promotional videos that explain how things work using fun graphics & catchy music? Yes? Good -- then pull up a chair next to your sweet, sweet Neon and make with the watching.

Cars in a parking lot