Never struggle to find a bail bondsman... or plumber... again

Just now launched in the Hub, Seva Call's an online matchmaker that (within minutes) hooks up people in need of services with the qualified fix-it pros who provide them, from plumbers, accountants, and carpet cleaners, to computer techs, notaries, and even massage therapists! Please read these five easy steps to achieving success: 1. Select the appropriate service category (appliance repair!), describe the job (get my cat out of my VCR!), and enter the dates and times that are convenient (ASAP, so I can go back to watching The Pelican Brief!).2. Sit back while SC broadcasts your request to a group of A-list service providers that've been vetted based on online ratings, reviews, and past feedback from other people who've faced the traumatic experience of having their cat get stuck in their VCR while trying to watch a Denzel Washington movie.3. Field calls from three lucky nearby professionals (though not all at once, weird) eager to win your biz.4. Select the one who most likes that scene where Julia Roberts is supposed to meet that FBI guy but it's actually the assassin Kamal wearing a fat suit. Or whoever is the best fit for the job for the best price, or whatever. 5. Watch him get Mr. Muffin Top out of that VCR, and go back to your normal, sexy life.