Clean apartment. Little Money. Zero judgment.

Is your apartment a den of destruction? For just $19, Handybook will send a fully vetted, insured, and equipped house cleaner to your pad for two hours. That’s crazy pricing. Like, clinically insane. Better yet? <em>They don’t judge.</em>

If you’ve got rock hard fried rice kernels in your couch cushions, Handybook won’t think you’re a slob. If your dust bunnies are so terrifying they should be called dust jackalopes, Handybook won’t be terrified. If you’ve clearly been having an affair with a woman who’s into that gross thing that people are doing these days, Handybook won’t care -- they’ll just quietly clean up the evidence so no one will ever have to know that you submitted yourself to such degradation.

For the cost of seeing a 3D movie, you could make your apartment a stunning spectacle of awesomeness. Seems like a deal.

Bonus: the homies at Handybook are so sure you’ll love the service that they’re throwing in 20% off your next 2 cleanings.