What to get her so you don't get dumped

Valentine's Day is a great time to make amends for the mediocrity you dished out on Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Australia Day (Jan 26th! Did you forget again?!), so check out this collection of gifts that're virtually guaranteed to keep your relationship from going Down Under.Dude, Sweet Chocolate's Human HeartAvailable now for pre-order at $45, these human heart-shaped creations are made at a rate of two per hour, and come loaded with two pounds of South American chocolate, Cocoa Puff marshmallows, crumbled waffle cone, and DSC's specialty "Crack in the Box", so make sure you get her some extra tacos.Available at all Dude, Sweet Chocolate: DudeSweetChocolate.comSnake Oil Body SoapsThese lavender and cornmeal soaps are hand-wrapped in Merino wool and indigo-dyed Angora, and're painstakingly infused with essence of cobra. No wait... sustainably raised local rattlesnake! Fine, there are no snakes, but they'll totally exfoliate her skin.Get it for $20 at Factory Girl: 2923 Canton St; Deep Ellum; 214.980.8484; ImFactoryGirl.comOnce Upon A Time CollectionThis line from Virgins Saints and Angels is inspired by the eponymous TV show -- the pieces were "imagined" on the show's characters, and have two different themes -- snow, and queen. Just don't call her a Fat Bottomed Girl and everything should be cool.This line drops on Thursday at SWAG in NorthPark: 8687 N Central Expwy, Ste 510; 214.691.0123; LoveMySWAG.com