Everything, anything you ever wanted to know about Porsche

Are you ready to dive in to the world of one of the winningest (Porsche has won the most professional races of anyone, period), most innovative (they built the first hybrid electric ever), and aesthetically pleasing (it’s Porsche) cars of all time?
Good, because we’re taking you on a historic cruise through Porsche history, from the very beginning, all the way up to an in-depth look at the legendary automaker’s newest masterpiece, the Porsche Macan Turbo, ideal for the city and the open road. We’re also giving you a roundup featuring some the best driving roads in America, so you’ll know where to test out your new ride. Check out the video above to get a taste of the latest, then check out wild Porsche facts including its influence on planes, tractors, even grills (the kind you cook steak on).